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Perimeter protection and security systems

Being the official dealer of SPC "Daedalus" our company offers a full range of services for creating perimeter protection systems and facility security.

We offer a whole set of services needed:

  • facility survey, developing a list of potential threats and possible criminal activity scenatios, developing of the "offender model", development of structural and functional facility schemes, equipment choice, development of technical specification together with the customer; 

  • engineering work; 

  • equipment supply; 

  • construction and commisioning work; 

  • training of technical personnel working with the customer's equipment and commissioning of the complex of work to the commission of the custome; 

  • warranty and service maintenance of security systems.
Perimeter protection systems include:

Means of perimeter protection.

Permanently located on the perimeter of the protected object and provide "early" alarm generation necessary for timely and effective reaction of the security forces in response to the invasion of offenders. Including the protection of the water perimeters and perimeters extended up to tens of kilometers.

Indoor security alarm systems.

Used to warn about the attempts of unauthorized access inside by overcoming windows, doors, grilles; protection of metal safes, cabinets and other objects within the protected area.

Access management and control.


Designed to manage and control access to buildings, facilities, special zones, vehicles entry/exit control. Access control is based on the establishment of limitations (allowed access zones, time periods), defined for each identifier individually.

Armaments, precious metals and radioactive materials detection tools.

Stationary technical facilities intended for individual inspection in order to detect metal objects hidden under clothing and inside carry-on luggage and prevent the unauthorized movement of nuclear materials and radioactive substances.

Security light systems. 

Designed to provide perimeter and security boundaries lighting both in standby and alarm mode.

Integrated facility security systems. 

Intelligent security systems installed at the facility control and monitoring complex providing an integration into a single informational infrastructure for information processing and analysis.

According to materials from www.dedal.ru web page.