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Informational security

Corporate Solution Center LLC. is the official partner of the RNT Company.
"Informational security" line of activity

  • Complex informational security systems development and support 
  • Informatization objects development inside of a protected Создание объектов информатизации в защищенном по требованиям безопасности информации исполнении. 
  • Informational security tools and technologies development, including cryptographic information protection tools application.
  • Informational security tools certification tests, including cryptographic information protection tools tests.
  • Informatization objects attestation due to information security requirements. 
  • Information security of automated and information-telecommunication systems.
  • Information security of communication systems and networks.
  • Certification centers and means of development public-key architecture creation and support. 
  • Development of web-portals and it's protection. 
  • Informatization objects security audit. 
  • Facilities engineering and technical protection.